Business Process Technologies

So you have created your BPMN models, what next? To unlock the true benefits of a process-aware organisation it is essential that process modelling efforts do not purely remain paper-based but are the prelude, where applicable, to automated support.

Still, there are business processes that cannot be simply automated via a dedicated Business Process Management System (BPMS). In fact, today’s organizations heavily rely on standard or domain-specific IT systems to support their business processes, which are not necessarily driven by an executable process model, like in the case of a BPMS. These IT systems record a vast amount of valuable data which can be analyzed to reveal useful information to support business operations. However, this data is often left unexploited, resulting in a stark contrast between the perceived manners in which business operations are conducted (for example, in the form of process models) and their reality. This situation can easily lead one to make ill-informed decisions that may have detrimental consequences. This data should thus be exploited in order to support business decisions and to improve business processes.

Process mining is a novel technology that facilitates such data exploitation. It consists of a set of analysis techniques and supporting tools which can be used to understand the actual behavior and performance of business processes by studying events recorded in IT systems.

This three-day course provides an overview of the BPM technology landscape and then specifically focuses on the technology used to support i) process automation and ii) process mining. This course provides the basis for understanding and delivering solutions for business process automation and mining. Real-life case studies will take the participants on a journey starting with a conceptual process model in BPMN, turning this model into an executable process specification, and apply a variety of process mining techniques to extract insightful process analytics from IT records.

Topics covered include:

  • BPM technology landscape
  • Design-time process analysis techniques
  • Fundamentals of process automation and workflow management
  • Process simulation and capacity planning
  • Process mining value proposition
  • Automated process discovery
  • Conformance checking
  • Performance and deviance mining
  • Organisational mining
  • Process mining methodology
  • Process mining case studies
  • Process mining tools

Duration: 3 days