All participants who attend all days of a training course will receive a certificate of attendance designed and signed by QUT. For those participants who would like to test the learned skills, as well as have a formal recognition of their BPM proficiency and professional qualification, there is an option to obtain a certificate of achievement. This option requires passing a written exam relative to the certificate sought.

We offer five certificates on three different certification levels (strategic, operational and technology) to cater for the needs of different roles within a BPM program. The following table illustrates the certificates available for the three levels and the target audience.





Strategic Business Process Management

  • Directors / Managers
  • BPM program managers
  • BPM project managers
  • Process owners


Business Process Modelling

  • BPM methodologists
  • Business (process) analysts
  • Workshop facilitators
  • Process owners

Business Process Improvement

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt*


Business Process Technologies (forthcoming)

  • Business (process) analysts
  • Solution architects
  • Software engineers

Each certificate is matched to one or more BPM training courses that cover the content required for undertaking the respective exam.

Obtaining a certificate of achievement also offers the opportunity of gaining academic credit towards undergraduate and postgraduate study courses at QUT, such as our Bachelor or Master of Information Technology, or our dedicated Master of Business Process Management. This option has to be combined with formal enrollment at QUT, with which additional costs are associated, and which is subject to eligibility of the participants.

The following table shows the mapping between certificates, training courses, and QUT academic units for which academic accreditation can be obtained.


BPM Training Course

QUT Unit Accreditation

Strategic Business
Process Management

Business Process Modelling

  • IAB203/INB320 –- Business Process Modelling or
  • IFN515 –- Fundamentals of Business Process Management (if combined with Business Process Improvement certificate)

Business Process Improvement

  • IAB320/INB321 –- Business Process Improvement or
  • IFN515 –- Fundamentals of Business Process Management (if combined with Business Process Modelling certificate)

Lean Six
Sigma Green Belt*

Business Process Technologies

  • IAB321 -– Business Process Technologies

According to the table above, it is thus possible to obtain a maximum of 36 credit points (cp) in the following QUT academic courses:

Bachelor of Information Technology

  • IAB203/INB320 –- Business Process Modelling (12 cp)
  • IAB320/INB321 –- Business Process Improvement (12 cp)
  • IAB321 -– Business Process Technologies (12 cp)

Master of Business Process Management / Master of Information Technology

  • IFN652/INN327 –- Business Process Management (12 cp)
  • IFN515 –- Fundamentals of Business Process Management (12 cp)
  • IFN651 –- Lean Six Sigma (12 cp)

* The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification exam is not administered directly by QUT. You may elect to sit this exam through a Lean Six Sigma certification authority such as the International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC). More information on the IASSC exam can be found here.