BPM Communication Strategies

Business Process Management is more than just a technical or business reengineering program, and needs to be entrenched into the management’s and employee’s hearts and minds for it to be successful. However very often, those who are savvy in the methods of BPM lack the appropriate but critical know-how of effective communication. In order to communicate the purpose and its positive aspect of change, it is vital to build a strong communication strategy even before the deployment of BPM. This requires understanding stakeholders’ needs and developing a point of difference that is meaningful and sustainable in generating long term buy-in within and across all levels of the organisation.

This 2-day course will draw on the principles of change management and communication practice. Strategies of stakeholders analysis and alignment of team and individual goals will help further develop your skills in gaining quality support and dissolve resistance within your organisation. The course will also provide you with the tools and methods to encourage visibility of the short-term process improvements and long-term enhancements in the process performance. The course will guide you in building your own communication process framework to win commitment and gain a favourable propension to change via BPM.

Duration: 2 days

Course Agenda