BPM Maturity

To ensure sustainable improvement in processes and business performance, an organisation needs to embed Business Process Management (BPM) practices at both a strategic and an operational level.  To get maximum affect from the highly recognised benefits of BPM, an organisation needs to adopt BPM practices that are most suited to its own unique set of circumstances.  Thus, progressing BPM to higher levels of maturity requires an understanding of BPM practices and the organisational environment that influences them.

This 1-day course introduces the concept of BPM Maturity.  First, it provides an overview of a number of maturity models, before expanding on QUT’s BPM Maturity Model. Throughout the course, this model provides a base for exploring the measurement of BPM maturity and understanding the key issues affecting BPM progression.

Topics covered include:

  • Capability Maturity Model-Integrated (CMM-I)
  • Overview of BPM maturity models
  • QUT’s BPM Maturity Model
  • BPM critical success factors
  • Measurement of BPM Maturity
  • Building a BPM roadmap
  • Case study

Duration: 1 day

Course Agenda