Business Process Modelling in ARIS

Process modelling provides a way for graphically describing and analysing the business processes of an organisation and represents the foundation for essential BPM phases, such as process analysis, improvement, or automation.

This training course will teach how to effectively use the ARIS Business Architect & Designer toolset for modelling business processes using EPCs, BPMN, or both process modelling languages. In the latter case, the training will run for 3 days instead of 2.

Topics covered include:

Day 1

  • Introduction to BPM and process modelling
  • Background to ARIS
  • Organisational modelling (interaction diagrams)
  • Functional modelling (function flows and value chains)
  • Information modelling (information flows and output flows)
  • Basic control-flow modelling with EPCs/BPMN

Day 2

  • Advanced Process Modelling with EPCs/BPMN
  • Process interfaces and sub-processes
  • ARIS management
  • Standardization and conventions

Duration: 2-3 days

Course Agenda (EPCs version)