Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Exam

The agenda of our course on Lean Six Sigma Green Belt follows the Lean Six Sigma Body of Knowledge for Green Belt from the International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC).

There are various exams available for Lean Six Sigma certification, but due to the alignment with the IASSC program, we suggest sitting the IASSC exam. As part of our course, we will illustrate the structure of this exam and provide comprehensive material besides the course lecture notes, to study for the exam (including sample tests with solutions). However, you will have to integrate the content presented in the course with the material provided, and study this thoroughly, to be able to pass the exam. 

The IASSC exam lasts 3 hours and is made of 100 multi-choice and T/F questions. The cost is 295USD (~320AUD). The exam can be done on-line on-demand, or at one of the IASSC testing centers.