Pricing and Terms & Conditions (corporate courses)


The price for the delivery of a training course is AUD 800 + GST per head and day. 25% discount applies if the client is part of a QUT division or faculty. 5% discount applies for 15-19 participants and 10% discount applies for 20 or more participants.

It is required that we have at least 10 participants to organise a course.

Depending on the course taken, participants may receive a “Certificate of Achievement” with a pathway to QUT’s award courses such as the Master of BPM and the Graduate Certificate in BPM. To obtain the “Certificate of Achievement”, participants will need to pass a QUT-internal exam, plus a project-based assessment or two project-based assessments. This option attracts an extra fee of $1,000. No discount applies to the assessment fee.

Depending on the course chosen, we can accommodate up to 25 participants per course. However, for certain courses with substantial hands-on practice component (e.g. Lean Six Sigma), the preferred number of participants is 15. Courses can be repeated to allow for more participants.

Special arrangements on content can be negotiated upon request, e.g. customised examples and case studies, at an extra cost of 10% of the total.

Training seminars are usually run as full-day workshops (9.00am-5.00pm). Delivery modes can be negotiated. For example, a potential mode of delivery can be two days a week over several weeks or 3-4 days in a row.

Terms & Conditions

QUT will invoice the client after the successful completion of the seminar. This fee includes all course material, assignments and comprehensive feedback to all submitted assignments. Teaching case studies based on clients’ current business operations can be negotiated upon request and entail extra fees.

If five business days before the agreed delivery date of the course, there are less than six delegates who have registered to the course, QUT reserves the right to cancel the course and the consultancy agreement would be void. Cancellation of a registration to the course is not permitted but a delegate who has registered to the course may be replaced by another delegate.

We assume that all work has to be conducted at client premises, with all facilities (including catering) provided by the client. Travel expenses (e.g., economy airfare and standard business accommodation) and any requested additional work will be invoiced in addition to the amount quoted above. Otherwise, QUT is in a position to host the training course, in which case QUT will organise the facilities and catering at an extra cost, which depends on the number of participants, size of the room and type of catering. This cost will be invoiced in addition to the fee specified above.

Generally, courses will not be specific in terms of software tools but will rely on whiteboard and paper. On request, features of business process management tools, such as Signavio, ARIS, Visio, will be incorporated into the course where applicable.

A detailed evaluation of the unit contents and instructors by the participants will be conducted at the end of each day of training. All evaluation results will be consolidated and shared with the client.

QUT will provide all registered and attending participants on BPM seminars with the lecture notes and related materials (called deliverables) in PDF format. These deliverables are not for third-party use and QUT owns the copyright on them. QUT grants to the client a royalty free, non-exclusive license to use the deliverables in the client’s business operations. The license expires at the end of one calendar year from the date of the start of the first seminar. This annual license is renewable by QUT at its sole discretion on written request from the client, and incurs an extra cost based on the number of training days the deliverables refer to.

Assistance required from the client

  • Nominate an authorised officer to facilitate effective communication with QUT;
  • Provide necessary resources and access to personnel to support the project;
  • Provide the required facilities for the training course in terms of room, white board, butcher paper and markers, sufficient laptops for every participant where applicable and requested, etc., unless QUT is demanded to do so.
  • Organise catering for all participants including the instructors, unless QUT is demanded to do so.
  • Printing of lecture notes and associated training material for all participants.
  • Manage the process of identifying and inviting appropriate participants to the training course.
  • Send the list of participants at least five business days prior to the start of this course.

Certification & QUT Course Accreditation

Information about certification and QUT course accreditation can be found here.