White Papers

Process Mining: The Case of Suncorp Commercial Insurance (in Italian)

Marcello La Rosa – 2013

BPM Technology Research – the Case of Apromore

Jan Recker and Marcello La Rosa – 2012

Advanced Process Model Repositories

Marcello La Rosa and Michael Rosemann – 2009

Configurable Process Models: How to Adopt Standard Practices in Your Own Way

Marcello La Rosa and Marlon Dumas – 2008

BPMN Modeling—Who, Where, How and Why

Jan Recker – 2008

The Service Portfolio of a BPM Center of Excellence

Michael Rosemann – 2008

Creativity Management—The New Challenge for BPM

Michael Rosemann – 2008

Holistic BPM is Coming of Age

Michael Rosemann – 2007

Potential Pitfalls of Process Modeling

Michael Rosemann – 2006

Process Modeling in the 21st Century

Jan Recker – 2006

Process Portfolio Management

Michael Rosemann – 2006

Application of a Holistic Model for Determining BPM Maturity

Michael Rosemann – 2005