Public Courses

In addition to offering private courses tailored to corporate needs, we offer the following BPM courses to the general public. These courses are open to any participant, are organized periodically, and are held at the QUT premises.

For more information about certification and pathway to QUT Award Courses, please visit our certification page.

Upcoming Courses
The following upcoming courses are available. Please click on the course title and the
leaflet to access more information.

  • Lean Six Sigma
    Course Agenda |Leaflet| Registration
    Duration: 4 days (9am-5pm)
    Cost: AUD 3,120 + GST (online price). Discounts available

    1. 3rd -6th March 2020,  QUT Gardens Point campus, Brisbane, Australia
    2. 5th-8th May 2020 – online
    3. 2nd-5th June 2020 – online
    4. 7th-10th July 2020 – online
    5. 13th October 2020 – online
    6. 3rd -6th November 2020,  QUT Gardens Point campus, Brisbane, Australia

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