Business Process Data Analytics

Wide-spread use of process automation technology in organizations has made available an abundance of process data, allowing evidence-based insights about an organisation’s processes to be conducted. Through these analyses, we can gain invaluable data-driven insights about the way in which processes are being executed in reality, including identification of their pain points, leading to effective and well-targeted process improvement initiatives.

This 4-day course covers main process data analysis techniques that are effective for extracting useful insights about your business processes. This course starts with an introduction to the concept of BPM and its lifecycle with a focus on the process monitoring and controlling phase. This course will then introduce the concept of process data analysis (process mining) and explain in details the different types of process mining techniques including process discovery, conformance checking, performance analysis, and resource analysis.

Participants will have the opportunity to conduct hands-on practice with a number of process mining tools to apply the theoretical knowledge learned throughout the course. Finally, this course will cover challenges and pitfalls faced by process data analysts, including data quality issues, stakeholders and end-user engagement, and the danger of naïve interpretation of analysis results.

Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to  BPM and BPM Lifecycle
  • Process mining overview
  • Event log preparation
  • Process discovery
  • Conformance checking
  • Resource analysis
  • Process mining methodology
  • Quality process data

Duration: 3 days

Course Agenda