Pricing and Terms & Conditions (public courses)

Pricing & Discounts

The price for the delivery of a public training course is AUD 700 + GST per head and day. A discount of 25% applies to current QUT students and staff. For QUT alumni, we offer a discount of 15%. We further offer a group discount of 5% if 5 or more participants from the same organisation book a course.

Terms & Conditions

Training seminars are usually run as one-day workshops (9.00am-5.00pm) on QUT premises. This fee includes all course material, case studies, assignments,  and comprehensive feedback to all submitted assignments, as well as facilities and catering.

Generally, courses will not be specific in terms of tools but will rely on whiteboard and paper.

QUT will provide all registered and attending participants on BPM seminars with the lecture notes and related materials (called deliverables) in PDF format. These deliverables are not for third-party use and QUT owns the copyright on them. QUT grants to all participants a royalty free, non-exclusive license to use the deliverables in the participants’ business operations. The license expires at the end of one calendar year from the date of the start of the first seminar. This annual license is renewable by QUT at its sole discretion on written request from a participant, and incurs an extra cost based on the number of training days the deliverables refer to.

Certification & QUT Course Accreditation

All participants who attend all days of a training course will receive a certificate of attendance designed and signed by QUT. For those participants who would like to test the learned skills, as well as have a formal recognition of their BPM proficiency and professional qualification, there is an option to obtain a certificate of successful completion. This option requires passing a written exam relative to the certificate sought, and incurs a cost of AUD 500 + GST. This cost includes the provision of additional material, the administration and marking of the exam, and the certificate itself.

Obtaining a certificate of successful completion also offers the opportunity of gaining academic credit towards undergraduate and postgraduate study courses at QUT, such as our Bachelor or Master of Information Technology, or our dedicated Master of Business Process Management. This option has to be combined with formal enrollment at QUT, with which additional costs are associated, and which is subject to eligibility of the participants.

For more information on QUT certification and course accreditation, click here.